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Pensions Applications & Awards

This search section relates to individual applicants’ files for death, wounds, disabilities, as well as active service. The Army Pensions Acts deal with the wounded and deceased participants and their dependants. The Military Service Pensions Acts deal with surviving participants who could provide proof of active service/key service in specified organizations.

Legislation was passed by the Oireachtas of Saorstát Éireann from June 1923 onwards to recognize and compensate wounded veterans, and the widows, children and other dependants of deceased veterans as well as those who were proven to have had active service during the week commencing 23 April 1916, and in the War of Independence and the Civil War, through the payment of service pensions. Membership of Óglaigh na hÉireann, including the National Army/National Forces, the Irish Volunteers, and the Irish Citizen Army had to be proven. Over time, provision was enhanced and broadened to include members of the Hibernian Rifles, Cumann na mBan, Fianna Éireann, Veterans who had taken the anti-Treaty side in the Civil War and certain members of the Connaught Rangers, for example.

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