IRA Membership Series

IRA Nominal Rolls (Ref Code: RO/1-611)

There are around 600 files in the Battalion and Company Rolls series. The Battalion and Company nominal rolls (RO) is the title assigned by the Referee and Advisory Committee to the file series dealing with the membership of the Irish Volunteers/IRA, Cumann na mBan and Na Fianna Éireann. The series gives details of the membership/strength of these organisations as of 11 July 1921 and as of 1 July 1922 and comprise a total of 49,982 individual documents.

In the case of the IRA the membership of Brigades, Battalions and Companies and of Flying Columns/Active Service Units and other specialist formations at Battalion and Brigade Headquarters were sought as well as the officer membership at Divisional and General Headquarters (GHQ) level.

The RO series thus includes the membership of the 16 Divisions of the IRA, constituting a total of 87 Brigades, including the Scottish Brigade (technically termed a Division as a 2nd Scottish Brigade was to be formed from 1 July 1922). In addition, two files dealing with the appointment of the Chief of Staff, General staff officers, the commanders of the Directorates and the exercise of command by GHQ from 1919 are included. (RO601 and 601A).

The majority of the files in this sub series were gathered in 1935. The details of the organisation, structure and membership rolls for Cumann na mBan and Na Fianna Éireann were gathered at the same time and are included in the series.

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