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Oral Histories Project (20th Century),  The Collins Papers (1917 - 1921),  Irish Army Census Collection (12 November 1922 - 13 November 1922), and Bureau of Military History (1913 - 1921).

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These Online Collections are not currently searchable. They will be added to search in the coming weeks and months.
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Military Service Pensions Collection (1916 - 1923),  Maps, Plans & Drawings Collection (1702 - 2007),  The Irish Volunteer (1914 - 1916),  The Brigade Activity Reports - Operations (1916 - 1923),  An tÓglach Magazine (1918 - 1933),  Media Hub (20th Century),  Military Archives Image Gallery (20th Century),  Military Archives Image Identification Project (20th Century),  United Nations Unit Histories (1960 - 1982).

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