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The image gallery of the Bureau of Military History

The gallery contains approximately 400 photographs that were submitted to the Bureau of Military History (BMH). Many are instantly recognisable and some of the images, such as the aerial shots of the 1916 Rising sites, were taken in the early 1950s by the Air Corps. The gallery index includes short descriptions of groups of photographs from some of the contributors.

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The Military Archives image gallery

The Military Archives gallery holds thousands of digitised images, with more regularly added to the collection. Photographs are organised by theme to make them easy to access for everyone. As a user, you can browse the online image collections, create your own account and post comments.

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The Military Archives Flickr account

Take part in the Military Archives’ Image Identification Project.

We will upload historic photographs of soldiers from training and operations at home and overseas to glean information on the identities of the personnel concerned. We are are also looking for background information on the images, such as location, photographer, date and context.

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The Military Archives Youtube account

This is the official video channel for the Irish Defence Forces Military Archives.

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