UN Unit Histories

United Nations Unit Histories
(1960 - 1982)

“An effort has been made to produce a narrative containing the essentials of the Battalion’s activities”¹

Unit Histories are the day-to-day record of a unit’s service overseas. You’ll find details on the formation of the unit, the area of operations and a nominal roll of the unit’s personnel. Additional information can include reports on specific operations/incidents, morale and discipline or welfare and sports, visitors and images from the mission.

You’ll find some gaps in the sequence of the histories because not every unit produced a record. The release of the histories of the battalion and infantry group units from the period before the 30-year rule cut-off is an ongoing project and more will be added over time.

¹Unit History 42 Infantry Battalion, United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, April 1965 — September 1965, Acknowledgement