Scene from “The Artists Rising”, an exhibition by CBS Drimnagh which was inspired by sources available in the Military Archives and Letters 1916 project


Our aim is to enhance your experience of working with, and learning from original documents.

We offer:

  1. Advice on starting scholarly research which relies on the use and understanding of original documents
  2. A research service where advice can be sought and unique documents can be consulted by way of visit
  3. Thematic and focused galleries which focus on significant places, people and events which you may have encountered in the classroom such as the online exhibition of the visit of President John F Kennedy
  4. Opportunities to engage with history through our participation at conferences and workshops in association with National campaigns and drives such as National Heritage week.
"We were delighted to work with a new medium that explores historical documents and which allows us to reach [learning] outcomes creatively and interestingly. Moreover, it was fun to work with the archival resources in this way."
History club members in Meán Scoil Muire gan Smál Roscommon