The May 2018 release relates to claims lodged by 1,442 individuals (c. 4,000 files), or by their dependants and contains new and unique information on the revolutionary period.

This is a very significant release as it is the largest release of files relating to over 600 female participants.

The release includes:

- Files of 603 pension claims lodged by women

- Files of 262 individuals who served in the National Forces during the Civil War

- Files of 82 individuals who died in the period 1919-1921

- Files of 3 members of the National Forces who died in the Civil War period

- Files relating to both War of Independence and Civil War Veterans

May 2018 Release

NOTE: Individual applications relate to applications for service pensions, claims for gratuities or awards made by dependants, claims by veterans for wounds suffered or disablement or deterioration in health due to service in the period 1916-1923 and such related matters. All applications are made and processed under relevant legislation enacted by the Oireachtas from 1923.

The researcher must be aware that one individual has more than 1 file. Some have up to seven files, generated under different aspects of the legislation as enacted from 1923 to 1973. To improve access, individual files thus created are consolidated under the relevant name.