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Content of the Collection

The collection comprises a large and varied corpus of archival material and records. The two broad streams of legislation are used to illustrate the nature and content of the personal files of applicants and the relevance of the supporting administrative records and other material in the collection. The supporting administrative and other records were gathered to assist the Department of Defence and the bodies set up under the legislation in deciding on the merit of each applicant’s case.

File Designations

•P series - Wound pensions or gratuity under the Army Pensions Acts — Personal claims made by ex-members (of Irish Volunteers or Citizen Army, 1916) in respect or injury received.

- Dependant’s allowance or gratuities in respect of members of the recognised organisations killed in action.

- Disability pension: include mostly special allowance claims and latterly disability.

- Applications for Medals (1916 Medal and Service (1917-1921) Medal).

- Military Service Registration Board: Files dealing with claims for disability arising out of Pre-Truce service. These files deal with proof of service ,(wound and death under the Act 1932); from 1932 to 1957.

- Military Service Registration Board: dealing with proof of service (wound).

- Army Pensions Board: dealing with applicants who had to attend medical examination.

- Applications for Military Service Pensions under the 1924 Act — For service in the National Army and also pre-Truce.

- Applications for Military Service Pensions under the 1934 Act for veterans with Pre-Truce service or Pre-Truce service plus service with the Anti-Treaty forces.

- Same as above, claims which were sent before the Referee.

- Applications for Service Pensions under the 1949 Act.

- Pensions applications by members of Connaught Rangers arising out of their mutiny in India in June 1920.

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