Bureau of Military History Website


The Bureau of Military History has now been moved from its standalone website ( to An automatic redirect will remain in place for the duration of the Bureau’s domain name registration. Since 2016 the demand for online access to Military Archives resources has grown significantly. Accordingly, the amount of digital material made available on our site has increased and the file formats have expanded to include not just documents but image, audio and video formats.

In order to meet these demands we have put a plan in place to upgrade, streamline and improve the website’s functionality including cross collection searchability and optimised hosting of multimedia file formats. As part of this process we are consolidating our online digital assets and the first phase of this has been to bring the digitised records of the Bureau of Military History – the physical versions of which are in the custody of the Military Archives – into our main website.

Our aim is to provide the best public service that we can in the acquisition, preservation and making available of Ireland’s documentary military heritage, and appreciate your patience as we optimise our website to this task. We will keep you up to date of further developments through our website and Twitter feed.

The new webpages are available on

Thank you,
Commandant Daniel Ayiotis
The Military Archives
02 July 2019