United Nations Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement Forces Unit Histories from 1958 -

“An effort has been made to produce a narrative containing the essentials of the Battalion’s activities”¹ 

Unit Histories constitute the day-to-day record of that unit’s service overseas. In most cases the histories follow a similar pattern, recording details on the formation of the unit, the area of operations and a nominal roll of the personnel in the unit. Additional information recorded can include reports on specific operations/incidents, morale and discipline or welfare and sports in the unit, visitors to the unit, or, in some cases, images from the mission itself.

Not all units produced a Unit History in the end, which explains gaps in the sequence of histories uploaded here. This project to release the histories of the battalion and infantry group size units (from before the 30 year rule cut-off) is on-going, so more will be added over time.

¹Unit History 42 Infantry Battalion, United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, April 1965 — September 1965, Acknowledgement