Fatalities Map

The map is generated from the records contained in the MSPC. It records fatalities with related files in the Collection arising from the conflict in the period 28 June 1922 – 31 December 1924. The map is representative of those whose dependents made an application under the Army Pensions Acts, those for whom posthumous applications for a Service (1917-1921) Medal were made and those who died during the period and have files relating to them elsewhere in the Collection. It does not record all deaths from that period found in the MSPC. Deaths excluded consist of those not recognised as having taken place during, or arising from, active service; deaths of those deemed not to have been members of one of the organisations recognised under the legislation (civilians); and deaths not explicitly stated to have taken place as a result of the conflict. As the work on the Collection is ongoing there may be further additions in the future. The map currently shows 1,077 individuals (662 pro-Treaty and 415 anti-Treaty).

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