Civil War Administration Files

The listing includes files contained in the administration series of the collection. They offer additional contextual information for the period and shed light on individuals, such as Erskine Childers.
File ReferenceFile TitleProvenanceRelated File
1/M/11Keane John, Cullane, Kilfinnane, Co. LimerickArmy Pensions BoardLink
1/M/120Applications 34/SP/Misc. Army Pensions BoardLink
1/M/13Devoy, WilliamArmy Pensions BoardLink
1/M/79Investigation of applications under the Army Pensions Act 1932 – General Information. (Contains information on medical treatment received by Mr J.Moran while in Portlaoighise prison from November 1922 to February 1923). Army Pensions BoardLink
1934/ADMIN/44 List of E Coy 4th Battalion, Dublin Brigade (forwarded by William Cleary)  Office of the Referee 1934 (1934 series)Link
DOD/2/15983 (A/7627)Prisoners, Irregulars, Erskine ChildersDepartmental FilesLink
DOD/2012/2Executed IrregularsDepartmental FilesLink
DOD/P/387Re Erskine Childers and David Robinson - Personal Effects of E. ChildersDepartmental FilesLink
M/122/25Injuries received after the cessation of active service conditionsArmy Finance Officer (Pensions Board)Link
M/132/25Volunteers wounded after 1st April 1922Army Finance Officer (Pensions Board)Link
M/17/24Investigation of English pensioners and dependants’ cases by DMP Army Finance Officer (Pensions Board)Link
M/21/24O’Hara, 14 Moriarty Lane, Cork. Correspondence regarding the loss of clothing in Cork County Jail in August 1922Army Finance Officer (Pensions Board)Link
M/78/24Applications from Irregulars for wound pensionsArmy Finance Officer (Pensions Board)Link
M/82/24Whelan John, C.S.M., 12 Malpas street, Dublin, discharged 25/5/1923.Army Finance Officer (Pensions Board)Link
SPG/10A/1 Special investigation of Six County Cases. Service Pensions General - Board of AssessorsLink
SPG/119Applicants who qualified to Pension – C.I.D. CasesService Pensions General - Board of AssessorsLink
SPG/120Applicants who qualified to Pension – M.I. D. CasesService Pensions General - Board of AssessorsLink
SPG/121Applicants who qualified to Pension – Armed Members of the Civic Guards Service Pensions General - Board of AssessorsLink
SPG/20Forms M.S.P.1 received from Persons who have had no Service in National Forces or Defence ForcesService Pensions General - Board of AssessorsLink