Contemporary Documents Index

The BMH Contemporary Documents (BMH CD) series
This series consists of more than 6,000 documents/publications submitted to the Bureau, many of which are instantly recognisable as iconic documents of the period. These documents were often handed in along with a contributor’s statement, and provide a fascinating insight into many aspects of the revolutionary period and the surrounding years. Letters; memoranda; constitutions of various republican organisations; photographs; diaries; reports; autograph books; (now) rare publications; newspapers; pamphlets; ballads; poetry; playbills; scripts; propaganda material; drill manuals; artworks; posters and even contemporary currency are included in this series.

NEW! A PDF of a more complete modern listing can be downloaded by clicking on the image below. This PDF can be searched by holding down the ctrl key and typing F:

*While there will be an effort over the coming months to add some examples of digitised items from this collection to this site, the vast majority of material will continue to be available to view in our reading room only. If there are items/files that you wish to view, then please take note of the reference code in bold type in the top left corner of each entry and contact us to give us details of the items you wish to view and to set up an appointment.*

Please also note that if the entry you are looking at has a reference code like CD-001 with no other numbers on it and the ‘Level‘ at the bottom of the entry states ‘Sub-Fonds‘, then this is just a general description of what is in that collection of material given in by a contributor, rather than a file to be viewed in itself.

An example image is below, where the first entry is just a basic notification of the identity of the contributor and the date range and extent of Sean Collins’ collection (the Level is highlighted) and the next entries are the first two items in Collins’ collection.

The Original Index for the BMH Contemporary Documents (BMH CD) series
Two BMH indexes were originally produced for the Contemporary Documents Collection: one includes basic descriptions from each contributor, for easy reference, while the larger index gives a detailed description of each item. These can still be viewed, but, due to the large size of the Appendices to the Contemporary Documents Index, they have been divided into five documents to facilitate downloading from this website (see below):