1916 Press Cuttings

A sample from the BMH Contemporary Documents collection: a book of press cuttings from 1916 – BMH CD 5/9

Digitisation can be a costly and time-consuming process. The BMH CD series in particular contains a huge amount of outsized, delicate and special media items that would require enormous care, financial resources and time to digitise in a satisfactory way. As a sample of how rich the BMH CD series is, we have digitised the 1916 press cuttings and you can view them on this site by clicking on the link below. These press cuttings were handed in by Mrs Geraldine Dillon (née Plunkett), daughter of Count Plunkett. The press cuttings come from major newspapers such as the Irish Times and give an insight into how the events of the 1916 rising were reported to Irish people at the time.

Military Archives, like similar archives services throughout the world, will continue to digitise collections of major interest or importance, sometimes to ensure that wear and tear on original records through excessive handling in our reading room is prevented.

For the foreseeable future, the majority of collections will be available in paper form in the reading room only.

Due to the large size of the Press Cuttings, it has been divided in to two documents to facilitate downloading from this website.