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‘Etched in Blood’ Khiam 2006

Kevin explains the background to a poem he brought with him to this interview. The poet is an Australian officer, Lt Col Baron J Ferguson who worked with Kevin during his 2014-2016 service with UNTSO (United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation). To mark the tenth anniversary of the deaths of four...

‘I didn’t know where South Lebanon was’

In this clip Viv speaks about briefings they received before leaving Dublin. He says they got no political briefs but were advised about sun burn and hydration, he states as far as he thought about it he was going out to be a mechanic in South Lebanon.

‘Is this it?’

Commandant Michael Walsh is a native of Galway who joined the Defence Forces in 1976 and retired in 2012 with the rank of Commandant. In this clip, Commandant Walsh recalls an incident in the Lebanon when on 29th June 1985 he and some of his colleagues came under fire at...