After the funeral the Cadets had some time for a whistle-stop tour of Washington D.C., visiting the Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Hill, The White House and the Washington Memorial. They also returned to Arlington National Cemetery with President de Valera, who laid a wreath at Kennedy's grave and viewed the eternal flame lit by Jackie Kennedy the previous day.

In some cases entrance fees were waived for the Cadets, at the airport in New York prices were reduced in shops, and two cadets reported that a stranger had asked for the honour of paying for their meal.

The Irish party flew home from New York on Tuesday evening 26th November.

Samples of letters received by the Defence Forces, the Minister of Defence and the President in praise of the Cadets

On their arrival back in Ireland the 37th Cadet class returned to the Curragh Camp to resume their training. The impact that their Guard of Honour had became more apparent in the days and weeks that followed. Letters of congratulations and appreciation came from Irish men and women in Ireland and in America, from public bodies, private companies, former and serving military personnel and from young children. 

Read through the correspondence, right, to gain an impression of the esteem in which the cadets were held.

Any reference to private addresses have been redacted to protect the identity of the correspondents. Letters were received from Ireland, England and across the United States: Arizona, California, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

Read more detailed correspondence, right, to find out about the Cadets' Christmas present from Colgate-Palmolive Ltd or the Irish visit of the Mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1964.

The Cadets were given a copy of the publication "Four Days: The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy". Colonel Fergus Marshall (retd.) kindly loaned his copy to Military Archives several years ago. The signatures of the members of the 37th Cadet Class are recorded inside the back cover of this book. Click on the image, right, to view the names of members of this historic class.