Most viewed - IE/MA/ACPS/GPN/080 to IE/MA/ACPS/GPN/090
Baldonnel Mosaic522 viewsGlass plate negative showing an aerial view of Baldonnel area.
Bomb Shelter Kilbride521 viewsGlass plate negative showing a World War II bomb shelter in Kilbride.
Observers - Five Officers and One Civilian519 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing observers standing outside a hut in a field. Two men are carrying binoculars. Two civilians are present in the photograph. One civilian is sitting at a desk and appears to be writing while smoking a pipe.
Recruiting Officer and Men Signing On517 viewsGlass plate copy negative with above caption "Answering the Call: Thousands of young DUBLIN men Arms issued by the IRISH GOVERNMENT. Photographs..particular to Recruiting Officer." Image shows two officers at a desk appearing to take particulars of a civilian man. A queue of men two abreast is formed neatly behind him.
Lieutenant General Archer Chief of Staff504 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait of Lieutenant General Archer.
Bren Light Machine Gun Description, Use and Mechanism502 viewsGlass plate negative of a document depicting the use and mechanism of the Bren Light Machine Gun
Reverend Fr. O' Rierdon486 viewsGlass plate negative showing a portrait of Reverend Fr. O'Rierdon.
Main Trace Note - Beach485 viewsGlass plate negative of what appears to be a blank piece of paper with the words ' MAIN TRACE NOTE' and 'BEACH' written on the top. A feint large rectangle appears to have been drawn under this heading.
Pope Pius477 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Pope Pius.
Baldonnel Camp456 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing a view of Baldonnel from the air.
Dundalk Bay Mosaic451 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing a mosaic of several aerial photographs. The images show a wide view of Dundalk bay.
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