Bren Light Machine Gun Description, Use and Mechanism761 viewsGlass plate negative of a document depicting the use and mechanism of the Bren Light Machine Gun
Baldonnel Mosaic789 viewsGlass plate negative showing an aerial view of Baldonnel area.
Baldonnel Camp700 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing a view of Baldonnel from the air.
Dundalk Bay Mosaic693 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing a mosaic of several aerial photographs. The images show a wide view of Dundalk bay.
Recruiting Officer and Men Signing On801 viewsGlass plate copy negative with above caption "Answering the Call: Thousands of young DUBLIN men Arms issued by the IRISH GOVERNMENT. Photographs..particular to Recruiting Officer." Image shows two officers at a desk appearing to take particulars of a civilian man. A queue of men two abreast is formed neatly behind him.
Observers - Five Officers and One Civilian787 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing observers standing outside a hut in a field. Two men are carrying binoculars. Two civilians are present in the photograph. One civilian is sitting at a desk and appears to be writing while smoking a pipe.
Lieutenant General Archer Chief of Staff778 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait of Lieutenant General Archer.
Bomb Shelter Kilbride786 viewsGlass plate negative showing a World War II bomb shelter in Kilbride.
Main Trace Note - Beach744 viewsGlass plate negative of what appears to be a blank piece of paper with the words ' MAIN TRACE NOTE' and 'BEACH' written on the top. A feint large rectangle appears to have been drawn under this heading.
Pope Pius725 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Pope Pius.
Reverend Fr. O' Rierdon736 viewsGlass plate negative showing a portrait of Reverend Fr. O'Rierdon.
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