Curragh Mosaic766 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing two aerial photographs of the Curragh in 1941. The images have been joined together to show a wide view of the Curragh camp. The following details are recorded under the image: Height 7,000' F.L. 7", Date: 25-7-'41, SCALE 5.5" = 1ml, TIME; 12.00 hrs '
Group of NCOs Air Corp 1945750 viewsGlass plate negative showing a large group photograph of Air Corps NCOs taken in front of a hangar in Baldonnel.
Line Drawing by Sean O'Sullivan756 viewsGlass plate negative showing a sketched portrait of an unknown army man with appears to be marching with his rifle and backpack. The sketch is signed by Sean O'Sullivan'
Double Image Sean T. O'Kelly in Cockpit and Bomber B17 Crashed on Beach769 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing two photographs. The top image shows an aerial photograph of bomber B17 crashed on a beach. The bottom is a close up portrait of Sean T O Ceallaigh posing in a cockpit, in what appears to be an Irish Air Corps exhibition in the RDS Ballsbridge.
"Bremen" Pilot's Wings0 viewsImage of the wings badge worn by [one of] the pilots of the "Bremen". Most likely Fitzmaurice, but can't be confirmed from the image.
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