Nominal Rolls

This section relates to the membership of certain organisations covered by the legislation providing pensions, gratuities and other allowances under the Military Service Pensions Act, 1934. The Act removed certain restrictions operating under the previous legislation and provided scope for veterans not previously qualified to apply for a certificate of military service. It provided for the establishment of a Referee and a four member Advisory Committee to assist him. Under them, local Brigade Committees gathered records in order to verify individual applications

  1. IRA Membership series: dealing with the membership of the Irish Volunteers/IRA at both critical dates (11July 1921 and 1 July 1922). The series includes the membership of the 16 divisions of the IRA.
  2. Cumann na mBan membership series: records containing details (rank, names and addresses) of Cumann na mBan membership at District, Branch and Squad levels with strength at both critical dates.
  3. Fianna Éireann membership series: series relate to the membership of Fianna Éireann.