Medals Series

The database contains the name of 47,554 applicants claiming for the 1916 Medal and the Service (1917-1921) Medal (including 197 successful applications for the 1916 Medal). The total number of files processed and available for viewing is 66,174 as some applicants have more than one file under their name. 

Only the Medals Series database is released online to allow researchers to look for their relative(s) in that series. Each entry will give you details about the veteran’s service (if found in the files) and the medal(s) awarded to them if their claim was successful. However, unlike the pension files which are available online only, the Medals files are to be accessed by researchers through appointment at the Military Archives. 


  1. Follow the link to the database below. Use the various search fields to find the relevant file.
  2. Note the reference code of the file you’d like to access (MD number)
  3. Make contact with the Military Archives to access the file
    Email the duty archivist (preferred):
    Phone: +353 (0)1-8046457

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- Close to 14,000 Service (1917-1921) Medals were awarded to veterans who unsuccessfully claimed for service pensions. These files belong to the Pension Series and are not available for research at this time.  
- If your relative was awarded a service pension, a medal was issued to them automatically. In this case, no MD file would have been created for them.

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