Easter Rising 1916 Applicants at Action Sites

This map shows the applicants' location in Ireland during Easter Week 1916 at time of action (23 to 29 April 1916). It locates those veterans with recognised 1916 service and their position(s) as provided in their statement/application form contained in their pension file. Note that some applicants could have served or been active at several positions during the week.

Each brown icon on the map marks a location in which action took place. You can zoom in on the map to reveal more detailed view of locations. When you click on a brown icon, the table below the map will display all veterans that were active in the chosen area.

It is important to note that not everyone involved in Easter Week 1916 activities applied for a service pension. Many veterans applied solely for the 1916 Medal. Six successful applicants were in prison during Easter week, you can find their details on the Easter Week 1916 applicants prison page.



Maps Provided by Ordnance Survey Ireland.