Easter 1916 An tÓglách Accounts



In 1926, An tÓglách marked the 10 year anniversary of the Easter Rising with a series of articles covering events in 1916. Although the 1916 rising took place in a number of areas across Ireland, the articles in this edition primarily dealt with events from Dublin. Later editions of the journal reflected the events of 1916 in other parts of the country. To mark the 97th anniversary of the Easter Rising 1916, the Military Archives have published online editions of An tÓglách 1916 articles relating to Dublin and Kildare. 17 of these articles have been posted to the map.  The position selected on the map may be one of many locations identified in the article and does not represent the entirety of activities of the unit, Battalion, or organisation mentioned therein. Given the extended breadth of topics to cover, the post 1922 journal provided a wide and insightful look at the Defence Forces and is considered a valuable resource for local, military and family historians conducting research from the revolutionary period up until its final edition in 1933. 

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