Staff at Military Archives are working to ensure that our primary goal of making our documentary military heritage available to the public is met through continuous development of our website, as well as the uploading of digitised (scanned) material to allow for online research.  However, it is important to note that digitisation can be a costly and time-consuming process and that for the foreseeable future, the vast majority of collections will be available in the reading room only.  Military Archives, like similar archives services throughout the world, digitises collections of major interest or importance and sometimes to ensure wear and tear on original records is prevented through excessive handling in our reading room.

Collections held at Military Archives can be categorised as follows:

  • Online Collections 
    Where both the finding aid (e.g. a database) and a scan of the original archival records is available online on this website.  Examples here include our Barrack Maps, Plans and Drawings collection and the Bureau of Military History collection (coming soon).
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  • Online Finding Aids
    Where the finding aid is available online and you must book an appointment for our reading room to see the original records.  Examples are the Civil War Ops/Int Collection and the Civil War Prisoners Collections.
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  • Reading Room Collections
    Where a simple description of a collection is given online, but an appointment in the reading room will be necessary to view both the finding aid and the original records. Examples here include our hyperlinked collections below in the ‘Reading Room’ category.
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    The Military Service (1916 -1923) Pensions Collection

    The Military Service Pensions Collection is a unique collection of records, files, maps, drawings and diagrams. The files relate in the main to applications by individuals and/or their dependants for the award of pension and gratuities for veterans who served as members of the Irish Volunteers, the Irish Citizen Army, the Irish Republican Army, Cumann na mBan, the National Army/Defence Forces and kindred named organisations on active service or who were casualties or wounded while on duty during the period from April and May 1916 through to 30 September 1923.

    View the Military Service (1916 -1923) Pensions Collection

    Maps, Plans & Drawings Collection

    The Irish Military Barracks Maps, Plans and Drawings Collection is a unique collection pertaining to the construction and maintenance of military barracks in Ireland from c. 1830 to c. 1980.  The collection contains many previously unseen architectural drawings from the British War Office, the Royal Engineer Corps, the Ordnance Survey and latterly, the (Irish) Defence Forces Engineer Corps.  While work on processing the collection of some 3,000 maps, plans and drawings is an ongoing project, the first tranche of 600 sheets dating from 1842 to c. 1970 will shortly be ready for online release. These A0 size sheets, many in colour and with manuscript emendations, have been digitally scanned to archival standards and a finding aid (database) has been produced.

    Bureau of Military History (1913-1921)

    A fantastic resource including 1773 witness statements, 334 sets of contemporary documents (which include items such as diaries, pamphlets, photographs, letters, dispatches, drawings and sketches, posters, legal documents, newspaper clippings, commemorative publications and various ephemera),  42 individual photograph collections, 210 photographs of action sites during Easter Week taken subsequently by the Air Corps, 12 voice recordings, and a collection of press cuttings.

    An tOglach Army Magazine Images

    A picture paints a thousand words… but captions or annotations associated with the picture help us as viewers understand the content.

    In a large number of cases concerning photographs, textual information is lacking and in order to place the photograph within context, Archivists rely on supporting documentation such as the publication and files featured on this page. An tOglach was an army magazine, published by the army authorities covering news items and events associated, post March 1922, with the National Army.

    Offline Collections

    The Military Archives holds a significant volume of material that constitutes an extremely important part of the record for Ireland’s history in the 20th century. The reading room at Military Archives has eight seats and is located downstairs in the archives building. Make an appointment to secure a place and we will assist you in exploring this amazing resource. At present, the reading room is open from 1000hrs to 1600hrs, Tuesday to Thursday (inclusive).