Reference code Title
DOD/2/31584 Cemeteries: care of graves of republicans (I.R.A.) killed in action since 1916.
DOD/2/75446 - Part I and Part II Medals and Decorations-Conditions Governing the Issue of Service Medals. Pre-Truce
DOD/2/47823  (PART 2) Medals & Decorations award of, to persons who rendered service during Anglo-Irish conflict
DOD/3/56834 Electricity. Veterans of War of Independence who were granted free Electricity Allowance and are now in receipt of Old Age Pension-Correspondence with Department of Social Welfare.
DOD/3/19767 Irish Republican Army - List of Persons who died for Ireland from 1900-1921. Enquiries regarding participants in the Easter Rising
DOD/3/32769 Documents; Military Service Pension Acts 1934-1949. Referee. Custody of documents
SPG/6 Active Service
SPG/13 Estimate of Ex-Officers and Men who have had Pre-Truce Service.
SPG/20 Forms M.S.P.1 received from Persons who have had no Service in National Forces or Defence Forces
SPG/28 Reliability of References
M/28/24 List of twelve widows’ claims showing position of cases. The list also shows the address, number of eligible children, name of deceased husband and date of death.
M/57/24 and D/76 Northern Ireland Claims (D/76: Compensation to Volunteers attached to the Northern Divisions wounded or killed)
M/74/24 Payment of lump sum gratuities – results in city and county districts
M/134/25 Post Truce injuries by Volunteers (11th July 1921 to 1st April 1922).
M/142/25 Financial authorities – 11/9/25.
M/174/27 List showing the particulars of dependants of Volunteers who were killed subsequent to the insurrection of 1916 and prior to the Truce 11/7/21. Duplicate list.
01/01/43 Kelly John, Craughdarrig, Ardee, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry
#N/A List of Volunteers killed in Pre-Truce and Post Truce Period
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