Top rated - Volunteer Force (1934-1939)
Standing to Attention1306 viewsTwo Volunteer soldiers standing to attention on a parade square. Both Volunteers are wearing combat webbing and carrying Lee Enfield rifles with bayonets fixed. Note the distinguishable head dress these soldiers are wearing. Taken sometime between 1934-1939.55555
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Volunteer Force Artillery Gun Crew906 viewsVolunteer Force Artillery Gun crew being put through their drills on an 18-pdr field gun, by a Regular army NCO. Taken in McKee Barracks, Dublin, on the parade square in front of the Officers Mess sometime between 1934-1939. 55555
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Volunteer Force Artillery Gun Crew1163 viewsVolunteer Force Artillery gun crew being put through their drills under the supervision from a Regular Army NCO. Soldiers can be seen turning an 18-pdr field gun outside of the Officers Mess in McKee Barracks, Dublin, sometime between 1934-1939. These particular 18-pdr field guns were provided to the National Army by the British Forces in June 1922.44444
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Foot Drill845 viewsA Volunteer Force platoon conducting foot drill on a parade square. These soldiers have their Lee Enfield rifles slung over their right shoulders, with their bayonets fixed. Possibly taken in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Rathmines, Dublin, between 1934-1939. 33333
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