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Ballsbridge Spring Show RDS591 viewsGlass plate negative showing the RDS in Ballsbridge while a spring show is on.
Cattle Market Dublin590 viewsGlass plate negative showing the cattle market and the surrounding area in Dublin City.
St. Columba's College Rathfarnham590 views
Slope arms from the Advance (1st Motion)590 viewsInfantry Officer demonstrating the 1st motion that is to be conducted once given the command "slope arms from the advance". Possibly in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin, sometime in the late 1920s.
Naas town, County Kildare590 views
Rev. Fr. O'Riordan589 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait of Reverend Father O'Riordain in military uniform. Portrait appears to have been taken in a studio and shows Reverend Father O'Riordan from the waist up.
Internment Camp Curragh589 views
Officer sword drill589 viewsGlass plate negative showing an Officer on horseback with his Sword at the salute, taken in McKee Barracks, Dublin in 1927. Conducted under the supervision of Comdt Scott (Officers' Drill) Capt O'Dwyer and Comdt Ryan.
Stewart Institution Palmerstown589 views
IEMA-P-062-036588 views‘A group of warriors’ having a rest, following a tea break, outside Silversprings House, Pilltown, Co, Kilkenny, while on a training exercise prior to the Blackwater Manoeuvres - July 1942. The outdoor life, coupled with the fine weather in the summer of 1942, is reflected in the weather beaten faces.
IEMA-P-062-043588 viewsThe Blackwater manoeuvres are synonymous with the Emergency. Involving over 20,000 troops, the lasted from 17 August 1942 to 27 September 1942 and pitted the 2nd Spearead division under Maj Gen Hugo McNeill against Maj Gen M.J Costello’s 1st Division. Here the 3rd Battalion passes the 25th Battalion outside Fethard, Co. Tipperary, to take over as advance guard of the Brigade as they proceed southwards with the Spearhead Division – 20 August 1942.
Kohl - The Kaiser - Fitzmaurice - Hunefeld : The Bremen Crew588 viewsGlass plate copy negative of (from left to right) Hermann Kohl, ex-Kaiser Wilhelm II, Colonel James C. Fitzmaurice and Ehrenfried Gunther Freiherr von Hunefeld
Portobello Barracks Dublin588 viewsGlass plate negative showing Portobello barracks.
Valencia Island "Cable Ship"588 viewsAerial photograph of the ship "Valencia Island"
Eucharistic Congress Arrival of Ship at Dun Laoghaire Harbour With Flyover587 viewsGlass plate copy negative of the arrival of Lorenzo Lauri, Legate of Pope Pius XI by mail boat into Dun Laoghaire Harbour to celebrate the 31st Eucharistic Congress. Image shows six aircraft flying in formation in the shape of a cross with the ship visible in the background. Spectators are observing the scene from Dun Laoghaire pier and from small boats near the harbour.
Aircraft Log Books for Bristol Fighter I, Bristol fighter III and the Big Fella587 viewsPlate one shows the arrival of Bristol Fighter I to the Provisional Irish Government. The book states " Issued to Major General Dalton - Chas F. Russell Capt D.C.A. Commanding Eastern District for Provisional Government of Ireland " and is dated 5 of July 1922.
President WT Cosgrave with members of government and senior Army officers at Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn587 viewsPresident WT Cosgrave with members of government and senior Army officers at Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn.
Peamount Sanatorium587 views
Richmond Hospital, Dublin586 views
Killester Housing Scheme Dublin586 views
Ready to depart586 viewsTroops on the backs of trucks prepared to depart the barracks to travel to the range for firing practice. Possibly Cathal Brugha Barracks.
Dun Laoghaire Harbour586 viewsAerial photograph of Dun Laoghaire harbour and the surrounding coastline.
Vespas in Formation586 views
Newbridge Bridge584 viewsGlass plate negative showing a bridge in Newbridge
Kingsbridge Station, Dublin583 viewsGlass plate negative showing Kingsbridge Station [Huestion] located in Dublin, also captured in this photograph is the Wellington monument and part of the Guinness Brewery.
Internment Camp Curragh583 views
Agricultural College Glasnevin583 views
Officer's Mess Gardens582 views
Guinness Brewery Dublin582 views
Army Collar Badges581 viewsGlass plate copy negative of five army collar badges.
Brigadier General George Adamson and Letter Signed by Eamonn Ceannt580 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a photograph and a letter. The photograph shows Brigadier General George Adamson and another member of the Free State Army standing by a canon. The photograph appears to be have been dated 22 April 1922 and then altered to read 25 April 1922. The letter appears to be dated 10 February 1914.
First Short Service Commission Group Photo In Front of Bi-Plane580 viewsGlass plate negative showing a first short service commission group photo in front of a bi-plane in Baldonnel.
Naas town, County Kildare580 views
Avro Cadets in Formation580 views
IEMA-P-062-117579 viewsBrigade Camp, Youghal – 17 September 1942 – John Harbourne, canteen Manager, serving troops in the open air canteen.
Civil War Officers Group Portrait579 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of Irish Free State personnel.
Miles Magisters on Grass579 views
Rifle practice579 viewsSoldiers moving towards the firing point to practice their shooting skills, with their Lee Enfield rifles over their left shoulder, and commanding officer to their far left controlling the line. Taken on the range located in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.
Foyne's Air Base579 views
Le Cliona and Le Meave (03) at Dun Laoghaire Pier579 views
Apprentices578 views
Review Parade Phoenix Park578 viewsA unit of soldiers carrying .303 Lee Enfield rifles, led by an Officer conducting "eyes left" while marching past the saluting stand during a military review held in the Phoenix Park in 1926.
Map of Ireland Indicating RAF Strengths577 viewsPlate one shows a map of Ireland with statistics for RAF pilots in the Air Corps 1922-1950.
Troops in Armoured Car577 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Rolls Royce Armoured Car with a tri-colour suspended from the car, seven personnel are posed in the photograph, two of which are in uniform.
Inchicore Church577 views
Collinstown Aerodrome577 views
Group Portrait577 viewsGlass plate nagtive six persons, one of the persons in the image is Barron Ehrenfried Gunther Freiherr von Huenefeld and another is Col James Michael Fitzmaurice
Croke Park576 viewsAerial photograph of Croke Park
Fermoy Town, County Cork576 views
Letter to John Curran From the Aviation Department575 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a letter from Captain Charles F. Russell to John Curran of 46 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. The letter concerns a request Curran has made to transfer from his current unit in the department of aviation.
Cabra, Dublin575 viewsAerial negative of Cabra and the surrounding area
Collinstown Aerodrome575 views
Aircraft Log Books for Bristol Fighter I, Bristol fighter III and the Big Fella573 viewsPlate two shows the arrival of Bristol Fighter III on the same day and contains a similar entry relating to the issue of the aircraft to Major General Dalton.
Collins, Griffiths Memorial, Leinster House573 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Collins, Griffiths Memorial located in the grounds of Leinster House, Dublin.
Slope Arms side view573 viewsEnlisted soldier demonstrating the "Slope Arms", viewed from the side. An entry in the index for this glass plate states that these were taken in order to "enable a responsible officer to pick best positions in conjunction with Dress, Man and Equipment".Taken in McKee Barracks, Dublin, under the supervision of Comdt Scott, on the 6th September 1927.
Historical Uniform Sketch572 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a sketch of a senior cadet officer posing in uniform. The original image appears to have been drawn in pencil and the paper is creased in several places. The picture shows the upper body of an officer who is posing in a chair by a table. The officer is not wearing his hat. The artist has autographed the sketch in the top left. It reads ' Frank [IEAD] 23'
Review Parade, Phoenix Park, 1926572 viewsTroops marching past the saluting base during a military review held in the Phoenix Park in 1926.
Minister's House "Frank Aiken"572 viewsAerial photograph of Frank Aiken's house and surrounding area.
Inchicore Church572 views
Mater Hospital Dublin571 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Mater Hospital and the surrounding location.
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