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Le Cliona and Le Meave (03) at Dun Laoghaire Pier797 views
Fairey IIIF796 viewsImages three, shows the Fairey III with several biplanes in a hangar at Baldonnel. Aircraft include the Fairey IIIF, Avro 621 serial 8 and two DH9s serial 6 and serial 7.
Signal Flag training795 viewsAn Officer with three enlisted soldiers training and improving their signalling techniques sometime in 1927.
Collinstown Aerodrome793 views
Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins Commemoration at the Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn, on 17 August 1924792 viewsThe 21st Battalion Marching past the Cenotaph at Leinster Lawn led by Comdt Cunningham.
Bren Gun Carriers Curragh792 viewsGlass plate negative showing Bren Gun Carriers in motion in the Curragh.
Artillery Grooming horses at Islandbridge Barracks791 viewsArtillery soldiers grooming horses outside their stables at Islandbridge barracks under supervision from their superiors.
Kilcullen Bridge790 views
Group photograph of army officers789 viewsGlass plate negative of eight army officers, possibly British standing in a line with swords.
First Public Aerial Display by the Air Corps789 viewsGlass plate negative showing Lieutenant T J Prenderville and General D Daly at First Public Aerial Display by the Air Corps, Phoenix Park
IEMA-P-062-369787 views‘Step together’ week, New Ross – 02 May 1943. Many large towns organised special weeks involving parades, concerts and sports events in which military and civilians participated.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin786 views
Officer sword drill786 viewsGlass plate negative showing a mounted officer with his sword drawn, right arm extended horizontally and sword vertical. Taken at McKee Barracks under the supervision of Captain Flanagan and Captain Dwyer, office in charge on the 12 March 1927.
Vespa Aircraft Front and Side Views785 viewsGlass plate copy negatives of a Vickers Vespa, Vickers Type 208 Vespa V, serial V8. This aircraft was delivered to Baldonnel 5 April 1931 and written-off 12 June 1940. The image shows a front and side views of the aircraft. Glass plate one shows a front view of the aircraft and the serial number cannot be seen. Glass plate two and three show side views of the aircraft with the serial number visible.
Prepare to signal one Large Flag783 viewsArmy Signal Corps Training with Morse Flags and Dummy Keys (Flags). This signal was the command to "Prepare to Signal, One Large Flag.Taken at Naas Barracks under the supervision of Comdt Gantly of Army Signal Corps for use in Signal Corps Bulletin.
Lucan, County Dublin782 viewsAerial photograph of the center of Lucan Village
Troops in Open Group Shot781 viewsGlass plate negative showing two photographs, the first of which includes eight Free State soldiers, seven of which are carrying weapons, the second image is damaged beyond repair however a part of vehicle and part of a person can be seen in the image.
Volunteers on horseback, McKee Barracks.780 viewsA group of Volunteer soldiers on horseback in McKee Barracks, Dublin. Note the Officers mess in the background of this glass plate negative. Taken sometime between 1934-1939.
Miles Magisters on Grass778 views
Review Parade, Phoenix Park, 1926778 viewsTroops marching past the saluting base during a military review held in the Phoenix Park in 1926.
Fairey IIIF777 viewsImages two, shows the Fairey III with several biplanes in a hangar at Baldonnel. Aircraft include the Fairey IIIF, Avro 621 serial 8 and two DH9s serial 6 and serial 7.
Custom House Dublin775 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Custom House, railway track, ships moored on the Liffey and the surrounding area.
The Salvage Corps inside a hanger in Tallaght Aerodrome.775 viewsGlass plate negative showing soldiers from the Salvage Corps placing salvaged materials inside a hangar at Tallaght Aerodrome. For more information see an article titled "The Salvage Corps" An tÓglách, Volume 6, No 1 (New Series) 5th May 1923, pages 3 - 6.
Rineanna Mosiac (One Runway)774 viewsGlass plate copy negative of an aerial view of Rineanna or Shannon airport.
88th Cadet Class 2011-2013774 views
Officer's Mess Gardens772 views
IEMA-P-062-223770 viewsFollowing the return of a group of selected officers who had undergone British Army commando courses, a greater emphasis was placed on fieldcraft training and fitness – Slieve Caoilte, Co. Wexford 11 June 1943.
Hurricanes in Flight770 views
IEMA-P-062-339768 viewsTroops taking a break on the roadside outside Cahir, while advancing southwards to the Blackwater – 21 August 1942.
Guard of honour standing at attention Arbour Hill767 viewsGuard of honour standing to attention just after being inspected by an Officer who is marching to a group of Officers in the foreground standing to attention. Taken during a ceremony at Arbour Hill Barracks sometime in the 1920s.
Prepare to signal two Large flag 767 viewsArmy Signal Corps Training with Morse Flags and Dummy Keys (Flags). This signal was the command to "prepare to signal". Taken at Naas Barracks under the supervision of Comdt Gantly of Army Signal Corps for use in Signal Corps Bulletin, taken on the 20 May 1927.
Foot Drill767 viewsAnother view of our previous glass plate negative GPN-067-003. Note the building in the background is vary similar to buildings located in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin. This glass plate could possibly have been taken on what is today known as the Brigade Training Centre (BTC) square.
Reserve Troops and Armoured Lorry Outside City Hall 1922766 viewsGlass plate copy negative of reserve troops and an armoured Lancia APC outside City Hall on Dame Street. Troops are pictured standing on the steps of City Hall and along the street in front of the building. At least two men are visible inside the Lancia APC. The top of the lorry has been covered with a wire mesh. Several civillians are pictured walking past in the street and one boy with his hands in his pockets appears to be looking directly at the camera. A caption on the top of the picture reads: " RESERVES - Troups and armoured lorry of the National Army outside the City Hall in readiness for a call to the firing line. (FREEMAN photo) 1922"
Collinstown Aerodrome766 views
Lee Enfield shooting practice765 viewsSoldiers on the rifle range located in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare practicing their shooting skills.
Naas town, County Kildare764 views
Richmond Hospital, Dublin763 views
Hoisting the Flag at the Curragh759 viewsThe first glass plate contains the caption " A Group of Free State Officers salute the Irish Flag after being hoisted on the Water Tower, Curragh Camp '. The flag is not visible in plate one.
Eucharistic Congress Arrival of Ship at Dun Laoghaire Harbour With Flyover758 viewsGlass plate copy negative of the arrival of Lorenzo Lauri, Legate of Pope Pius XI by mail boat into Dun Laoghaire Harbour to celebrate the 31st Eucharistic Congress. Image shows six aircraft flying in formation in the shape of a cross with the ship visible in the background. Spectators are observing the scene from Dun Laoghaire pier and from small boats near the harbour.
Spike Island758 viewsGlass plate negative showing a close up of the fort located on Spike Island.
IEMA-P-062-006757 viewsSkinheads are not a new phenomenon! NCO’s and men of the 25th Battalion showing off their haircuts while on brigade manoeuvres, Castle Annagh Camp, New Ross – 06 July 1942.
Kohl - The Kaiser - Fitzmaurice - Hunefeld : The Bremen Crew757 viewsGlass plate copy negative of (from left to right) Hermann Kohl, ex-Kaiser Wilhelm II, Colonel James C. Fitzmaurice and Ehrenfried Gunther Freiherr von Hunefeld
Naas town, County Kildare756 views
Troops on the March Curragh755 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Irish Free State troops marching to the Curragh after the take-over in May 1922. A caption below the image reads " A Company of Free State soldiers passing through The Curragh on their way to the camp after the taking-over ceremony '
Ballsbridge Spring Show RDS755 viewsGlass plate negative showing the RDS in Ballsbridge while a spring show is on.
Cattle Market Dublin754 viewsGlass plate negative showing the cattle market and the surrounding area in Dublin City.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin754 views
Rev. Fr. O'Riordan753 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait of Reverend Father O'Riordain in military uniform. Portrait appears to have been taken in a studio and shows Reverend Father O'Riordan from the waist up.
Civil War Officers Group Portrait753 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of Irish Free State personnel.
Portobello Barracks Dublin753 viewsGlass plate negative showing Portobello barracks.
Kingsbridge Station, Dublin752 viewsGlass plate negative showing Kingsbridge Station [Huestion] located in Dublin, also captured in this photograph is the Wellington monument and part of the Guinness Brewery.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin752 views
Michael Collins, Arthur Griffith and Kevin O'Higgins Commemoration, 1928752 viewsA general view of Cenotaph at Leinster Lawn immediately after President WT Cosgrave deposited a wreath and prior to Soldiers marching past.
Army Jumping Team751 viewsPlate four shows five officers posing in front of a door of the Army Equitation School.
Map of Ireland Indicating RAF Strengths751 viewsPlate one shows a map of Ireland with statistics for RAF pilots in the Air Corps 1922-1950.
Civillian Posing in Front of Car Outside Officer's Mess Baldonnel751 viewsOne glass plate negative of a man, possibly an officer in civillian attire posing in front of his car. There are several tri-colour flags in the front of the car.
St. Columba's College Rathfarnham751 views
Collinstown Aerodrome749 views
Richmond Hospital, Dublin748 views
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