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Boxing ring and chairs for spectators765 viewsGlass plate negative showing a boxing ring and chairs ready for a boxing tournament. Location is unknown.
Arbour Hill 1916 Ceremony763 viewsGlass plate negative showing President De Valera sitting in the front row along with the congregation at Arbour Hill Church during the Arbour Hill 1916 Ceremony. A flag party is present in front of the alter.
Avro Plane Ground758 viewsGlass plate negatives of a ground image of an Avro 621 ( serial A9 ). Avro A9 had been delivered to Baldonnel Aerodrome on 17 April 1930 and was crashed at Maynooth 26 November 1930 and written-off. Image shows the Avro plane on grass with two officers in flightsuits posing in front of it.
Repairing a damaged railway.758 viewsGlass plate negative showing soldiers from the Railway Protection, Repair and Maintenance Corps repairing the Douglas Viaduct railway bridge in Cork which was damaged during the Civil War.For more information see An tOglach Volume 1 No 5 (new Series) 21 April 1923.
Rifle practice758 viewsSoldiers preparing to march of the firing point after practicing their shooting skills. Located on a range in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.
IEMA-P-062-357757 viewsNot all fun and games, hard work was necessary.
Officer sword drill756 viewsGlass plate negative showing a unmounted officer with his sword drawn and in the rest position and his head bowed. Sword drill conducted under the supervision of Captain Flanagan and Captain Nolan at McKee Barracks, Dublin on the 12 March 1927.
Dash First position L Flag 754 viewsArmy Signal Corps Training with Morse Flags and Dummy Keys (Flags). This signal was the command to "Dash to First Position L Flag". Taken at Naas Barracks under the supervision of Comdt Gantly of Army Signal Corps for use in Signal Corps Bulletin.
The Artillery Salute for Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins Commemoration at the Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn, on 17 August 1924753 viewsGlass plate negative showing an Artillery unit saluting at the Arthur Griffiths and Michael Collins Commemoration held at the Cenotaph on the 17th August 1924. This particular glass plate was used in "An tÓglách" for the 30th August 1924 release, pages 10 - 11.
Bristol Fighter (22)744 viewsGlass plate negative of a Bristol Fighter (Type 14) F2B Fighter Mk II on the ground. F2B serial 22 served Baldonnel from 4 Nov 1925 to July 1935.
Recruits, Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin741 viewsGlass plate negative showing four recruits standing at ease in front of a grotto beside the church in Cathal Brugha Barracks,Dublin, sometime between 1930-1960.
IEMA-P-062-309740 viewsCaption – Back to ‘Civvy Street’ 1946
Field Kitchen on the Railway line.739 viewsGlass plate negative showing a field kitchen on the railway line. A soldier from the Railway Protection, Repair and Maintenance Corps can be seen preparing a meal for the troops. This glass plate negative was used in the April 1923 An tÓglac, Volume 1 publication.
ARS738 viewsGlass plate negative of various bi-planes being serviced inside a hangar. Included in the image are a Bristol Fighter F2B, an Avro 504K and two De Havilland DH9s, one of which appears to be serial number 6. The latter was converted to a two seater training plane.
Artillery recruits738 viewsGlass plate negative showing an Officer presenting a group of Artillery recruits to two religious dignitary's sometime between 1943-1960.
Review parade, Phoenix Park, 1926.736 viewsCeremonial colour party marching towards a review parade which was held in the Phoenix Park on the 11th September 1926.
Naval service recruits735 viewsGlass plate negative showing a naval service Chief Petty Officer demonstrating how to tie rope knots to five recruits sometime in the 1940s.
Review Parade, Phoenix Park, 1926733 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Chief of Staff Peadar MacMahon and General Hogan on horseback inspecting soldiers prior to a march past in the Phoenix Park in 1926.
Tactical formation 731 viewsEleven soldiers practising their tactical drills on the Curragh Plains, Kildare, sometime in 1927. Two rows covering the flanks with the Section leader in the middle. Note the Vickers helmets being worn and the Lee Enfield rifles being carried.The front left soldier is carrying a Lewis machine gun.
Tallaght Aerodrome730 views
Irish International jumping team 1929728 viewsGlass plate negative showing three enlisted men holding the bridles of six horses in front of the stables McKee Barracks. A notation on the glass plate indicates that the soldiers in this picture are belonging to the International Jumping Team of 1929.
IEMA-P-096-003727 viewsIt was difficult to maintain boots for inspection. The periodical shortages of polish and the tough treatment caused by long marches and turf cutting meant many tough moments on the parade grounds.
Ceremonial parade at Arbours Hill Barracks on the 10th anniversary of the the execution of IRA leaders 1916727 viewsGlass plate showing troops conducting the present arms while the last sound is being played by the army band behind them during the 10th anniversary of the execution of the 1916 leaders held at Arbour Hill barracks.
Air Corps Group Photograph725 viewsGlass plate copy negative of an early Air Corps group photo. Image shows forty Air Corps personnel posing in a group shot in front of a hangar at Baldonnel.
Foot Drill724 viewsA Volunteer Force platoon conducting foot drill on a parade square. These soldiers have their Lee Enfield rifles slung over their right shoulders, with their bayonets fixed. Possibly taken in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Rathmines, Dublin, between 1934-1939.
Rifle practice721 viewsSoldiers practicing their shooting skills, while under the watchful eye of their commanding officer, on a range located in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.
Rathfarnham720 views
Landsdowne Road, Dublin717 viewsAerial glass plate negative showing Landsdowne raod and the surrounding area
IEMA-P-062-369713 views‘Step together’ week, New Ross – 02 May 1943. Many large towns organised special weeks involving parades, concerts and sports events in which military and civilians participated.
BF III Crash710 viewsGlass plate copy negatives of Bristol Fighter F2B Fighter serial III which crashed at Naas, Kildare 17 July 1922. Images shows the wreck of the aricraft on the ground taken from each both sides and the rear. The aircraft had arrived in Baldonnel 10 July 1922. Glass plate one has been identifed on the envelope as Bristol Fighter II which was delivered to Baldonnel 4 July 1922 and was written off after a crash at Castlebagot, Baldonnel 23 Jan 1924 in which Lieutenant R. T. Nevin was killed. The image, however, appears to be that of the BF III crash on 17 July 1922. Glass plate two and three both show the serial number of the aircraft BF III.
Group Portrait Including Kevin O' Higgins, Sean Mac Eoin and Arthur Griffith710 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait containing military officers, TDs and members of the clergy taken in front of a building. The front row, seated, include from left to right Kevin O'Higgins, Arthur Griffith, Dr. Fogarty (Bishop of Killaloe). Men standing in the back row include Paddy Hogan, Canon William O' Kennedy, Ignatius O'Neill, Sean Milroy and Michael [Breana or Brennan].
The Salvage Corps unloading materials.710 viewsGlass plate negative showing soldiers of the Salvage Corps unloading material salvaged from British Camps which were located in the Wicklow Mountains. Photograph taken at Clondalkin Railway Station sometime between 1922-1923.
Review Parade Phoenix Park709 viewsPart of an Artillery Corps passing the saluting stand during a Military review held in the Phoenix Park on the 11th September 1926, showing Artillery soldiers on horseback pulling horse carts with two Officers sitting in each cart.
Tallaght Aerodrome706 views
Recruits in McKee Barracks, Dublin.705 viewsGlass plate negative showing six recruits and a Corporal from the Supply and Transport Corps, holding the bridle of a horse sometime between 1931 and 1942. At that time the Army Equitation School was under the command of the Supply and Transport Corps which was located in McKee Barracks.
Michael Collins Lying In State704 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Michael Collins lying in state. Collins is lying on a bed with a bandage wrapped around his forehead. The photograph is taken from a low side view with several Irish Free State Officers partly visible in the background.
Dundrum County Dublin. Ex Servicemen's House703 viewsAerial photograph showing Dundrum village, the ex-serviceman house is not identified in this photograph.
Trail arms right side view698 viewsEnlisted soldier demonstrating the "Trail arms". Taken in McKee Barracks, Dublin, under the supervision of Comdt Scott, Training operations GHQ, on the 6 September 1927.
IEMA-P-062-339697 viewsTroops taking a break on the roadside outside Cahir, while advancing southwards to the Blackwater – 21 August 1942.
Wolfe Tone Commemoration, Bodenstown, County Kildare, 1926696 viewsA General Officer in Command and his Staff standing to attention beside a gravestone during a Wolfe Tone commemoration in 1926.
Bi-Plane695 viewsThis glass plate negative is showing a Bi-plane stationary on the ground with personnel positioned around it.
Artillery Grooming horses at Islandbridge Barracks692 viewsArtillery soldiers grooming horses outside their stables at Islandbridge barracks under supervision from their superiors.
Lieut. W. Ryan. CPL C. Rooney691 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing Lieutenant W. Ryan and Corporal C Rooney working at a map table. One officer is making a collage of an area from aerial photographs. The other officer appears to be using the photographs to sketch a map.
Officer sword drill689 viewsGlass plate negative showing a mounted officer with his sword drawn, right arm extended horizontally and sword vertical. Taken at McKee Barracks under the supervision of Captain Flanagan and Captain Dwyer, office in charge on the 12 March 1927.
Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins Commemoration at the Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn, on 17 August 1924689 viewsThe 21st Battalion Marching past the Cenotaph at Leinster Lawn led by Comdt Cunningham.
Clondalkin Village689 viewsAerial photograph of Clondalkin Village
IEMA-P-062-006688 viewsSkinheads are not a new phenomenon! NCO’s and men of the 25th Battalion showing off their haircuts while on brigade manoeuvres, Castle Annagh Camp, New Ross – 06 July 1942.
British & Russian Aircraft688 viewsPlate one is of a Shackleton aircraft and appears to have been taken from a manual.
Prepare to signal one Large Flag688 viewsArmy Signal Corps Training with Morse Flags and Dummy Keys (Flags). This signal was the command to "Prepare to Signal, One Large Flag.Taken at Naas Barracks under the supervision of Comdt Gantly of Army Signal Corps for use in Signal Corps Bulletin.
IEMA-P-062-223687 viewsFollowing the return of a group of selected officers who had undergone British Army commando courses, a greater emphasis was placed on fieldcraft training and fitness – Slieve Caoilte, Co. Wexford 11 June 1943.
Signal Flag training686 viewsAn Officer with three enlisted soldiers training and improving their signalling techniques sometime in 1927.
Lewis machine gun practice684 viewsSoldiers practicing their shooting skills using the Lewis Machine gun while in the lying position and under the command of the commanding officer.
Bristol Fighter (18)683 viewsGlass plate negative of a Bristol Fighter (type 14) F2B Fighter Mk II serial number 18. The aircraft is pictured on the ground facing a hangar with several army officers posing in front of it. The F2B serial 18 arrived in Baldonnel 24 October 1925 and was scrapped in June 1935.
Workshops Baldonnel 1938683 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing what appears to be a staged photograph of apprentices at work under supervision in a workshop at Baldonnel.
College of Science683 viewsGlass plate copy positive of an aerial view of the College of Science
Avro 621 Line Up682 viewsGlass plate negative of a line of three Avro 621s on the ground in Baldonnel with hangars visible in the background.
Camac Mills Inchicore681 viewsAerial photographs showing Camac Mills Inchicore and the surrounding area.
Le Cliona and Le Meave (03) at Dun Laoghaire Pier681 views
Kilcullen Bridge680 views
Group photograph of army officers679 viewsGlass plate negative of eight army officers, possibly British standing in a line with swords.
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