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28th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class1155 viewsPhotograph of the 28th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class taken on their "Wings day" the 9th December 2010
Gibraltar1154 viewsL.E. Macha entering the harbour at Gibraltar
Gibraltar1153 viewsView of Gibraltar harbour, US destroyers are seen leaving
Gibraltar1152 viewsScene in Wardroom of H.M.S. Childers at Gibraltar
24th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class1151 viewsPhotograph of the 24th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class taken on their "Wings day" the 9th March 2006
Gibraltar1151 viewsL.E. Macha prepares to enter Gibraltar harbour
Gibraltar1149 viewsBringing aboard the rations at Gibraltar (L.E. Macha)
Gibraltar1147 viewsGroup on board L.E. Macha on occasion of visit of His Lordship, Most Rev Dr Fitzgerald, Bishop of Gibraltar. Left to Right: Fr Devlin, Comdr T. MacKenna (Irish Naval Service), His Lordship.
Gibraltar1146 viewsS/Lt O. Byrne in Wardroom of H.M.S. Childers at Gibraltar
Trail Arms correct position1145 viewsGlass plate negative showing an enlisted soldier demonstrating the correct position to hold the Lee Enfield rifle once given the command to "Trail Arms". Taken in November 1924.
Gibraltar1143 viewsStoring away the rations at Gibraltar (L.E. Macha)
Gibraltar1140 viewsView of Gibraltar from the Spanish customs
Gibraltar1139 viewsGibraltar view
Recruits, Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin.1138 viewsGlass plate negative showing an Infantry Captain shaking hands with a recruit. In the background a Ford Armoured Cars and truck can be seen. Taken in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin, sometime between 1958-1968.
Nice1138 viewsQuartermaster Hickey at the wheel of the L.E. Macha en route for Nice
Artillery recruits, McKee Barracks, Dublin.1137 viewsGlass plate negative showing seven recruits smoking while their training Corporal stands on the left hand side in McKee Barracks in Dublin. In the background is a 25 pounder field gun.
29th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class1136 viewsPhotograph of the 29th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class taken on their "Wings day" the 14th December 2012
IEMA-P-067-0121135 viewsA Vickers Machine Gun Crew. The Vickers and the lighter Lewis Gun, with the Lee Enfield Mark III rifle, were the main weapons of the infantry battalions.
Reverse view of the correct wearing of battlefield webbing 1924.1131 viewsGlass plate negative showing a soldier demonstrating the correct way to wear battlefield webbing with a great coat attached under the supervision of Commandant McManus.
Gibraltar1131 viewsLooking towards the Admiralty Tower from the deck of the Macha in the Naval dockyard, Gibraltar
Gibraltar1130 viewsWardroom of H.M.S. Childers at Gibraltar
Hurling team in Croke Park1129 viewsAn army hurling team sitting and posing for a picture with a gunner and other uniformed men and civilians in front of a stand in Croke Park, Dublin.
Gibraltar1129 viewsShopping in Gibraltar
07th Young Officers Wings Course1128 viewsPhotograph of the 7th Young Officers Wings Course taken on their "Wings day" in 1964
Gibraltar1125 viewsGibraltar from the decks of the L.E. Macha
Ceremonial parade at Arbours Hill Barracks on the 10th anniversary of the the execution of IRA leaders 19161124 viewsGlass plate negative showing troops on parade, young buglers playing the last stand and a firing party preparing to fire a volley of shots into the air. Taken in 1926 during the 10th anniversary of the execution of the 1916 rising leaders at Arbour Hill barracks.
Nice1124 viewsUndertaker's party screwing down the lid of the outer coffin containing the body of Yeats - scene outside the mortuary in the cemetery at Roquebrune (France). Figure on left is that of gravedigger. Other civilian is M/ Otto, poet and lawyer of Mentone, who delivered farewell oration.
Recruits training.1123 viewsGlass plate negative showing three recruits being given a lesson on signal equipment from a two star NCO sometime between 1930-1965.
24th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class1123 viewsPhotograph of the 24th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class taken on their "Wings day" the 9th March 2006. See also IE/MA/RACCC/024
"Old Lime Pit" lookout post in the south of Ireland.1120 viewsGlass plate negative showing an "Old Lime Pit" at Rathduff in County Cork. This was a sentry position overlooking a double railway. Six soldiers with Lee Enfield Rifles can be seen providing over-watch security for the train crossing the bridge at their location. An Officer can be seen overlooking the sentries ensuring they are providing adequate over-watch.For more information see An tÓglách Volume 1 No 5 (new Series) 21st April 1923.
04th Young Officers Wings Class1120 viewsPhotograph of the 4th Young Officers Wings Class taken on their "Wings day" the 22nd June 1946
Fitzmaurice and other Air Corps Personnel in Front of Aircraft1118 viewsGlass plate copy negative of officers of the Irish Air Corps standing in front of a Bristol Fighter. Officers are named from left to right: Lorcan C. Gogan, John Hume, Oscar A. Heron, Edward F. Stapleton, William P. Delamere, James C. Fitzmaurice, Daniel J. McKeown, Nicholas E. Fogarty, Frederick S. Crossley, Dr. Theo McWeeney, Serge Barnes, Arthur G. Russell, Gerard J. Carroll, Bryan McSweeney, Patrick F. McGrath and Timothy J. Prenderville.
Nice1118 viewsThe L.E. Macha pulls away from the quayside at Nice, 6/9/48
Officer sword drill1116 viewsGlass plate negative showing an unmounted officer with his sword drawn and his arm extended horizontally to the left side. Taken in McKee Barracks in 1927 for a Sword Drill Manual. Conducted under supervision Comdt Scott.
26th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class1116 viewsPhotograph of the 26th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class taken on their "Wings day" the 19th June 2008
Gibraltar1115 viewsRations coming aboard the L.E. Macha at Gibraltar
IEMA-P-096-0051114 viewsAn improvised alter at Castle Annagh Camp outside New Ross – 05 July 1942. The Army fought a long battle with the Heirarchy to have chaplains appointed to units so that they could accompany the troops on exercise. The Bishops were not intailly in favour of priests travelling outside their dioceses.
Gibraltar1112 viewsSan Roque, Spain, from roadway leading to La Linea
Guarding the Railways 1109 viewsGlass plate negative showing soldiers from the Railway Protection, Repair and Maintenance Corps (RPRMC) constructing a protected dugout trench using sandbags and shovels, beside a railway line. These soldiers are being supervised by an armed Officer carrying a pistol.
Gymnast in Cathal Brugha Barracks gymnasium.1106 viewsGymnast performing a forward flip on a vaulting horse in the Gymnasium, Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin. The Soldiers name and date of the glass plate negative is unknown.
Nice1106 viewsL.E. Macha pulls away from the quayside at Nice (France)
Artillery recruits, McKee Barracks, Dublin.1105 viewsGlass plate negative showing two recruits receiving a lesson from their instructing NCO on how to load an artillery round into a 25 pounder field gun.
Firing party preparing to fire a volley of shots at Arbour Hill Barracks1105 viewsGuard of honour at Arbour Hill Barracks, standinf to the front is a firing party preparing to fire a volley of shots, taken during a ceremony to commemorate the execution of the 1916 rising leaders sometime in the 1920s.
Platoon in square formation1105 viewsA platoon practising their tactical drills,Supervised by Col O'Connell, Army School of Instruction, Curragh Camp, in conjunction with Captain Fulham. Taken at the Curragh plains, Kildare, on 27th January 1928
Gaelic football team1103 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Gaelic football team of 18 men with an officer standing in the middle in Croke Park. Names and date is unknown.
IEMA-P-096-0071098 viewsThe quartermaster waits by the roadside to provide welcoms nourishment to the marching troops – near Dunmore East, Co. Wexford – 16 July 1942.
25th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class1097 viewsPhotograph of the 25th Regular Air Corps Cadet Class taken on their "Wings day" the 15th February 2007
Company quarter master sergeant making a hurl.1094 viewsGlass plate negative showing a company quarter master sergeant (CQMS) from the 4th battalion, Southern Command showing how to make a hurl.
IEMA-P-096-0061090 viewsIce Cream comes to Camp Mount Pleasant, Co. Waterford – 18 July 1942.
Recruits outside the Army Equitation school, McKee Barracks.1090 viewsA glass plate negative showing three recruits and a Corporal from the Supply and Transport Corps (S&T), holding the bridle of a horse, some time between 1931 and 1942 in McKee Barracks in Dublin.
Nice1089 viewsFrench honour guard
President John F. Kennedy New Ross1083 viewsPresident John F. Kennedy, enjoying light refreshments with the people of New Ross. (Courtesy of the Irish Times).
Nice1083 viewsLooking down on Cap Martin (where Yeats lived for a time) from the cemetery at Roquebrune
Nice1082 viewsIn the cemetery at Roquebrune where Yeats had been buried. M. Otto, a Mentone lawyor, working on the text of the farewell oration which he addressed to the dead poet before the cortege started for Nice
Nice1082 viewsThe band of the 159th Regiment (French Army) heads up the funeral procession on to the harbour at Nice
Infantry recruit in front of armoured car1081 viewsGlass plate negative showing an infantry recruit being congratulated by a Company Sergeant (CS) in front of a Ford armoured car sometime between 1958 and 1968.
Nice1078 viewsView of graveyard
Recruits training.1077 viewsGlass plate negative showing a two star corporal giving a lesson to an Officer, a three star private and two recruits on how to check the oil on a Jeep. In the background are some bren gun carriers.
IEMA-P-067-0101074 viewsCatching up with the news.
President John F. Kennedy Green Park, Limerick1071 viewsPresident John F. Kennedy entertains the crowds gathered at Green Park Race Course, Limerick as he receives the Freedom of the City. Copy image held in the Private Collection of Lt. General S. McKeown.
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