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Richmond Hospital, Dublin779 views
Private Secretary's Lodge, Phoenix Park779 views
Shannon Airport Rynanna779 views
Test Bench778 viewsPlates three and four are identical and show a man working on a test bench outside a hangar.
Liathmore, County Sligo778 viewsAerial photograph of Liathmore, Co. Sligo
Lieutenant on horseback in the Phoenix park, Dublin.778 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Lieutenant on horseback in the Phoenix park sometime in 1923 or early 1924. Note the reindeer's in the background of the shot.
Officer on horseback in McKee Barracks778 viewsGlass plate negative showing an Officer on a white horse with his sword drawn trotting across a parade square in McKee Barracks.
Officer sword drill778 viewsGlass plate negative showing a mounted officer on horseback with his sword drawn, arm down by his left side and sword pointing downwards.Conducted under the supervision of Capt Flanagan and Capt Nolan. Taken in McKee Barracks, Dublin in 1927.
Ceremonial Parade for Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith, 1927778 viewsPresident WT Cosgrave delivering oration immediately after laying a wreath at the Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn.
Fairey IIIF777 viewsThe first staged image shows the Fairey being examined inside a hangar. A man who appears to be in civilian attire and a member of the Free State Army examine the front of the aircraft while a mechanic appears to examine the underside of the back.
Arrival of Southern Cross777 views
British & Russian Aircraft777 viewsPlates two, three and four are of multiple photographs copied simultaneously.
Gustav Machine Gun Demonstrations and Manuals777 viewsPlate six is a copy negative showing Gustav machine gun weapon parts.
Miles Magister on Parade on Apron777 viewsGlass plate negative showing Miles Magisters lined up on the apron in Baldonnel.
Review Parade, Phoenix Park, 1926777 viewsThree mounted officers in the Phoenix Park, taking during a military review parade held on the 11th September 1926.
IEMA-P-062-323776 views‘The Nation is Profoundly Grateful’
Troops Under Canvas776 viewsGlass plate copy negative of two low quality photographic prints of Free State troops beside pitched tents.
Dublin Docks776 views
Dominican College Newbridge776 viewsAerial photograph of the Dominican college located in Newbridge.
Avro 626 From Above 776 viewsGlass plate negative showing 3 Avro 626 planes with the identification numbers 15,16 and 17.
Baldonnel Dramatic Society775 viewsThe first plate shows members of the society posing outdoors in a three tiered row for a group portrait. The image shows twenty members of the society dressed in either costume or military attire. Several men are made up to look like women.
Lieutenant General Archer Chief of Staff775 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait of Lieutenant General Archer.
Slope arms from the Advance (1st Motion)775 viewsInfantry Officer demonstrating the 1st motion that is to be conducted once given the command "slope arms from the advance". Possibly in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin, sometime in the late 1920s.
Knockaderry Reservoir, Waterford775 viewsGlass plate negative showing Knockaderry Reservoir and the surrounding area.
Extracts From RAF Docs Re Departure of RAF From Baldonnel 1922774 viewsGlass plate copy positive showing cuttings relating to the departure of the RAF from Irish aviation bases.
Men at Work Workshop Baldonnel774 viewsGlass plate negative showing a staged group of apprentices working on various aircraft parts in a workshop in Baldonnel.
North Strand Bombings774 views
Eucharistic Congress Dublin774 views
Wolfe Tone Commemoration, Bodenstown, County Kildare, 1926774 viewsA General Officer in Command and his Staff saluting beside a gravestone during a Wolfe Tone commemoration in 1926.
Cabra Church Dublin774 viewsGlass plate negative showing Cabra Church and the surrounding area
Officer's Mess Gardens773 views
Capt Koehl773 viewsGlass plate copy negative of German officer Captain Koehl in military attire. Captain Koehl (also spelled Kohl) was one of the three pilots who completed the first successful East to West transatlantic flight onboard " The Bremen " aircraft.
Crashed Bi-Plane (17) Bristol F2B773 views
Inside of Church773 viewsGlass plate negative showing the interior of the old Church in Baldonnel.
College of Science Dublin773 viewsAerial Photograph of the College of Science Dublin
British & Russian Aircraft772 viewsPlates two, three and four are of multiple photographs copied simultaneously.
Gustav Machine Gun Demonstrations and Manuals772 viewsPlate two is a copy from an illustrated manual demonstrating cocking the piece cap recoil spring.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin772 views
Eucharistic Congress Dublin772 views
Eucharistic Congress Dublin772 views
Arrival of Southern Cross771 views
Apprentice Air Corps Group Shot in Front of Hangar Lt. Ward771 viewsGlass plate negative showing a group photograph of Air Corps apprentices with Lieutenant Ward in front of a hangar in Baldonnel.
North Strand Bombings771 views
Eucharistic Congress Dublin771 views
Old Air Corps Photograph770 viewsGlass plate negative image of a group of Aer Corp personnel posed in front of a wall.
GPO 1916 Commemoration Dublin770 views
Shannon Airport Rynanna770 views
Old Church Baldonnel769 viewsPlate two shows the interior of the church.
Air Corps Personnel Group Photograph769 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing approximately one hundred and twenty-five Air Corps personnel posing for a group shot in front of a hangar in Baldonnel. The men are arranged in tiered rows with one man lying on his side in the foreground. One face on the far left appears to have been intentionally blacked out on the original photograph.
Lyon's House Newcastle County Dublin769 viewsAerial Photograph of Lyon's House Newcastle County Dublin
Corpus Chisti Church Dublin769 views
Spike Island769 viewsGlass plate negative the full island of Spike Island.
Pigeon House768 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Pigeon House located in the Dublin Docklands area
Kilworth Camp768 viewsAerial photograph of Kilworth Camp
President WT Cosgrave with members of government and senior Army officers at Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn768 viewsPresident WT Cosgrave with members of government and senior Army officers at Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn.
Dundrum, County Dublin768 viewsAerial photograph showing Dundrum village and the surrounding area.
BF III Crash767 viewsGlass plate copy negatives of Bristol Fighter F2B Fighter serial III which crashed at Naas, Kildare 17 July 1922. Images shows the wreck of the aricraft on the ground taken from each both sides and the rear. The aircraft had arrived in Baldonnel 10 July 1922. Glass plate one has been identifed on the envelope as Bristol Fighter II which was delivered to Baldonnel 4 July 1922 and was written off after a crash at Castlebagot, Baldonnel 23 Jan 1924 in which Lieutenant R. T. Nevin was killed. The image, however, appears to be that of the BF III crash on 17 July 1922. Glass plate two and three both show the serial number of the aircraft BF III.
Fairey IIIF767 viewsImages three, shows the Fairey III with several biplanes in a hangar at Baldonnel. Aircraft include the Fairey IIIF, Avro 621 serial 8 and two DH9s serial 6 and serial 7.
Typed Letter / Notice From Brig Gen Higginson Mil. Governor to Paul McCarthy Middleton767 viewsGlass plate negative image of a Typed Letter/Notice From Brig Gen Higginson Mil. Governor to Paul McCarthy Middleton ordering the destruction of Paul McCarthy's property
Dublin Docks767 views
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