Last additions - Uniforms, equipment and weapons, enlisted men (1922-1960)
Lee Enfield Grenade launcher1559 viewsGlass plate negative showing an Infantry Sergeant displaying how to fire a grenade from a Lee Enfield rifle from the kneeling position. This plate could have been used for instructional purposes and used in training manuals. Taken on the 6th March 1926 possible in the Curragh Camp, Co.Kildare.May 14, 2014
Kit ready for inspection.1038 viewsGlass plate negative of a soldier kit ready for inspection. The glass plate shows the soldiers Lee Enfield rifle, combat webbing with scabbard attached, uniform, issued mug and plate, and bedding. Possible taken between 1922-1950May 14, 2014
Rope Climbing847 viewsGlass plate negative showing a recruit climbing a rope in a gymnasium wearing his combat webbing with scabbard attached and "Tommy" helmet, taken during or after the Emergency period.May 14, 2014
Vickers machine gun crew1145 viewsA Vickers machine gun crew in a prepared firing position sometime before WW2. Notice the Vickers steel helmet that was in service between 1927 and 1939.May 14, 2014
Infantry section with Lee Enfield Rifles and Lewis Machine Gun.1132 viewsGlass plate negative showing a section of Infantry soldiers carrying Lee Enfield rifles and one Lewis Machine gun, these soldiers are wearing Vickers steel helmets and combat webbing, taken between 1927 and 1931.May 14, 2014
Artillery gun crew conducting drill on a 18-pounder artillery piece.1070 viewsGlass plate negative showing an artillery gun crew conducting drills on an 18-pounder artillery piece, on a Mark V carriage, distinguished by its split trails, and a limber (ammunition carriage). This information combined with the Vickers steel helmets dates this glass plate sometime between 1927 and 1939.May 14, 2014
Lewis gun crew1019 viewsA Lewis gun crew in a firing position during a training exercise prior to WW2. Notice the Vickers steel helmet the two soldiers are wearing.This helmet was introduced into the Defence forces in 1927 until 1939.May 14, 2014
Carl Gustav sub-machine gun training 1170 viewsA section of soldiers receiving instruction on how to operated the Carl Gustav Sub-machine Gun sometime between 1950s-1960s.May 14, 2014
Artillery soldier, McKee Barracks.1076 viewsAn artillery soldier (Recruit) posing for a photograph in McKee barracks sometime between 1940-1960. Notice the white lanyard and artillery collar badges on his uniform.May 14, 2014
25 pounder field gun with gun crew, McKee Barracks.1114 viewsAn artillery gun crew practising their drills on 25 pounder field gun beside E block in McKee barracks sometime during the emergency period. Notice the soldiers are wearing the distinguishable "Tommy" helmets with the Brigade flash on the front of them.May 14, 2014
Recruit weapons training985 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Corporal demonstrating how to fire a practice grenade (Anti-tank) from a Lee Enfield Rifle to a group of eight recruits holding Lee Enfield rifles with grenades attached, wearing battlefield webbing.May 14, 2014
Reverse view of the correct wearing of battlefield webbing 1924.949 viewsGlass plate negative showing a soldier demonstrating the correct way to wear battlefield webbing with a great coat attached under the supervision of Commandant McManus. May 14, 2014
Fitting of the issued belt 19241018 viewsGlass plate negative showing a soldier from the 26th Infantry Battalion demonstrating how to fit and wear the army issue belt, under the supervision of Commandant McManus.May 14, 2014
Soldiers marching order equipment 19241141 viewsGlass plate negative showing a soldiers "marching order" dress. The soldier is demonstrating how to correctly fit and wear this equipment while under the supervision of Commandant McManus. May 14, 2014
Passport photograph taken in McKee Barracks, Dublin.1071 viewsGlass plate negative showing Private McLoughlin and 3444 Sergeant Patrick Dunne from the Supply and Transport Company just before they accompanied Officers going to Switzerland for a Show Jumping Competition in 1927. Both soldiers can been seen wearing bandoliers around their shoulders.May 14, 2014
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