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L.E. Macha1329 viewsView from L.E. Macha
12/02/16 at 18:10Guest_Malcolm Darcy: I believe the man in this image is Patrick Darcy F...
L.E. Macha1652 viewsAbaft the funnel07/05/15 at 19:28Guest_declan millar: my father on the right - Lt Jack Millar
L.E. Macha1690 viewsSeaman Peter Kane (cook) practices life-boat drill when off duty
06/13/15 at 19:45Guest_James doherty: Able seaman James Joseph Doherty back right my dad
L.E. Macha1415 viewsP.O. Cashin (Bos'n) of the L.E. Macha secures deck cargo
06/12/15 at 18:51Guest_`Liam P. O'Rio: Excellent photos.
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