Last comments - Army and naval service recruits [1930-1968]
Recruits training.1043 viewsGlass plate negative showing three recruits being given a lesson on signal equipment from a two star NCO sometime between 1930-1965.12/17/15 at 22:04Guest_Brian Phelan: 1 Fd Sigs, Radio Stn, Collins Bks Cork, BC610 Tx,
Cavalry Corps recruits997 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Cavalry Corps recruit standing on the foot pegs of a BS motorcycle while aiming a Lee Enfield rifle into the air. Possibly taken in Cathal Brugha Barracks between 1930-1960.02/23/15 at 22:35Guest_Gerry Moore: No 4 Lee Enfield Rifle woul make it 50s or 60s.
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