Last comments - Army equitation school, horses, riders and grooms (1922-1942)
Irish International jumping team 1929862 viewsGlass plate negative showing three enlisted men holding the bridles of six horses in front of the stables McKee Barracks. A notation on the glass plate indicates that the soldiers in this picture are belonging to the International Jumping Team of 1929.10/15/18 at 18:30Guest_yanxia39: (...) pandora,pandora charms
Horse on Bridle, McKee Barracks.1111 viewsGlass plate negative showing a horse named "Vixen" on the bridle being held by a soldier from the Equitation school, which was under the command of the Supply and Transport Corps at that time.12/19/14 at 16:41Guest_Ellen Hanna: I love horses.
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