Group Portrait Including Kevin O' Higgins, Arthur Griffith, Michael Brennan and Sean Mac Eoin, 947 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait containing military officers, TDs and members of the clergy taken in front of a building. The front row, seated, include from left to right Kevin O'Higgins, Arthur Griffith, Dr. Fogarty (Bishop of Killaloe). Men standing in the back row include Paddy Hogan, Canon William O' Kennedy, Ignatius O'Neill, Sean Milroy and General Michael Brennan.
Rev. Fr. O'Riordan844 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait of Reverend Father O'Riordain in military uniform. Portrait appears to have been taken in a studio and shows Reverend Father O'Riordan from the waist up.
Michael Collins Lying In State966 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Michael Collins lying in state. Collins is lying on a bed with a bandage wrapped around his forehead. The photograph is taken from a low side view with several Irish Free State Officers partly visible in the background.
Civil War Officers Group Portrait843 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of Irish Free State personnel.
Rineanna Mosaic (One Runway)868 viewsGlass plate copy negative of an aerial view of Rineanna or Shannon airport.
Eucharistic Congress Arrival of Ship at Dun Laoghaire Harbour With Flyover847 viewsGlass plate copy negative of the arrival of Cardinal Lorenzo Lauri, Legate of Pope Pius XI by mail boat into Dun Laoghaire Harbour to celebrate the 31st Eucharistic Congress. Image shows six aircraft flying in formation in the shape of a cross with the ship visible in the background. Spectators are observing the scene from Dun Laoghaire pier and from small boats in the harbour.
Blessing Mass737 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a priest outside a hangar at Baldonnel Aerodrome. A member of Air Corps personnel is holding the priest's hat. Serveral civilians are also present and appear to be listening to the priest offering a blessing. A hangar with the door opened is visible in the background.
Army Collar Badges818 viewsGlass plate copy negative of five army collar badges.
Koehl - The Kaiser - Fitzmaurice - Hunefeld : The Bremen Crew853 viewsGlass plate copy negative of (from left to right) Captain Hermann Koehl, ex-Kaiser Wilhelm II, Colonel James C. Fitzmaurice and Ehrenfried Gunther Freiherr von Hunefeld
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