Standing to Attention1380 viewsTwo Volunteer soldiers standing to attention on a parade square. Both Volunteers are wearing combat webbing and carrying Lee Enfield rifles with bayonets fixed. Note the distinguishable head dress these soldiers are wearing. Taken sometime between 1934-1939.
Volunteers Force on horseback.764 viewsGlass plate negative showing a group of Volunteer soldiers on horseback in McKee Barracks, Dublin, taken sometime between 1934-1939.
Foot Drill902 viewsA Volunteer Force platoon conducting foot drill on a parade square. These soldiers have their Lee Enfield rifles slung over their right shoulders, with their bayonets fixed. Possibly taken in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Rathmines, Dublin, between 1934-1939.
Foot Drill821 viewsAnother view of our previous glass plate negative GPN-067-003. Note the building in the background is vary similar to buildings located in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin. This glass plate could possibly have been taken on what is today known as the Brigade Training Centre (BTC) square.
Volunteers on horseback, McKee Barracks.845 viewsA group of Volunteer soldiers on horseback in McKee Barracks, Dublin. Note the Officers mess in the background of this glass plate negative. Taken sometime between 1934-1939.
Volunteer Force Artillery Gun Crew966 viewsVolunteer Force Artillery Gun crew being put through their drills on an 18-pdr field gun, by a Regular army NCO. Taken in McKee Barracks, Dublin, on the parade square in front of the Officers Mess sometime between 1934-1939.
Volunteer Force Artillery Gun Crew1234 viewsVolunteer Force Artillery gun crew being put through their drills under the supervision from a Regular Army NCO. Soldiers can be seen turning an 18-pdr field gun outside of the Officers Mess in McKee Barracks, Dublin, sometime between 1934-1939. These particular 18-pdr field guns were provided to the National Army by the British Forces in June 1922.
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