Department of Defence "A-" series administrative files from 1922

IE/MA/DOD/A/07446 File Cover
IE/MA/DOD/A/07446 File Cover

Administrative / Biographical history:

From the formation of the first Dáil in 1919 the Ministry of Defence was set up with Cathal Brugha as Minister up until the Treaty in December 1921. After the Treaty a new Dáil executive was established on 9th January 1922 with Arthur Griffith as President and Richard Mulcahy as Minister for Defence. The existing Civil Service in Dublin Castle was duly taken over by the Provisional Government (a separate entity to the Dáil executive at the time). The Dáil executive’s authority was slowly undermined by anti-treaty deputies abstaining, until it was finally effectively merged into the Provisional Government by December 1922.

Scope and Content:

Richard Mulcahy continued as Minister for Defence during the Civil War, taking up the concurrent position of Commander-in-Chief. The Departmental A-Files mostly cover the period from early 1922 up until the official formation of the Department of Defence, which was established by the Ministers and Secretaries Act, 1924. This Act assigns to it “the administration and business of the raising, training, organisation, maintenance, equipment, management, discipline, regulation and control according to law of the military defence forces”.


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