Easter Rising 1916 Applicants in prison

Note about applicants in prison during 1916 easter rising

Please note that the folllowing applicants were in prisons in Ireland and the UK during the Easter 1916 rising and not shown in the map above. Click on the name of the individual below to view their details and files.




Cooney, James


Mountjoy, Dublin, Ireland


February - July 1916

O'Brennan, Joseph Francis

Arrested 20 March 1916. Held in Tullamore Jail until May 1916 and court-martialled in Richmond Barracks. Also in Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland


March — June 1916

O'Reilly, Thomas

Arrested January 1916 and charged at Dublin Police Courts. Also in Mountjoy, Dublin, Ireland


January —  5 May 1916

Reader, Seamus

Arrested in January 1916 in Glasgow, Scotland.Also in Reading Jail, England


January — December 1916

Robinson, Joseph

Arrested January 1916. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. Also in Reading Jail, England


January — December 1916

Shaw, John


Arrested in March 1916 under D.O.R.A., in Richmond Hospital. Also in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin, Ireland.


March — August 1916


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