About Truce Period Fatalities

Following contact between representatives of Dáil Eireann and the British government, the IRA and British forces agreed to cease hostilities and a truce was declared on 11 July 1921 bringing the War of Independence to an end. All active operations were suspended by the IRA but there was continued inter-communal violence and IRA attacks in Ulster, particularly Belfast, during this period. The Anglo-Irish Treaty, which was signed on 06 December 1921, led to the establishment of the Irish Free State with the same constitutional status as Canada and other dominions in the British Commonwealth. Supporters and opponents of the Treaty split within the IRA in March 1922. The Civil War officially began on 28 June 1922 although there was sporadic fighting, leading to deaths, between the two sides in the previous months.

Deaths deemed not attributable to military service, or those who were not engaged in military service at the time of their death, have not been included in this map or timeline. These deaths were deemed by the Minister for Defence, or the Military Service Registration Board to be outside the terms of the Army Pensions Acts. Similarly, those individuals who were not members of the prescribed organisations (i.e. civilians) have not been included. The map does not record all the deaths within the 1921-22 period. The deaths included are only those for whom applications were made under the relevant legislation As the work on the collection is ongoing there may be further additions. Fatalities up to 11 July 1921 are included in the War of Independence Fatalities section. Location of death has been recorded as per the information recorded in the collection. Place names were verified using the Logainm.ie website. GPS coordinates were created using the LatLong.net website.