Skerdagh Ambush

On 23 May 1921, following the Kilmeena Ambush of 19 May 1921 large numbers of British military and police converged on the Skerdagh (Skirdagh) area in County Mayo in pursuit of the remaining IRA forces. The IRA were forced to undertake a fighting retreat until cover of darkness allowed many to escape through enemy lines. 1 IRA died of wounds. 1 RIC killed. An attack was carried out on Foxford Barracks by North Mayo Brigade IRA at this time following a request from West Mayo Brigade O. C. Michael Kilroy for action to relieve some of the pressure from British forces on his men.

23 - 24 May 1921

Brigades Involved:
1 West Mayo -Brigade - 4 Western Division

Units involved
1 Battalion; 2 Battalion; 3 Battalion;