Dripsey Ambush

British forces, informed of the IRA's prescence there, surprised IRA troops preparing an ambush at Dripsey, County Cork on 28 January 1921. The local IRA had been informed that the British were aware of their presence but allegedly did not trust this information. During the engagement a number of IRA were wounded and captured. 5 of the captured were subsequently sentenced to death and executed on 28 February 1921. Another received a 25 year prison sentence and a further IRA member died from his wounds. To prevent the execution of their members the IRA kidnapped and threatened to kill Mrs. Mary Lindsay, Leemount House, Coachford, County Cork - who they blamed for providing the British with information - as well as her chauffeur and servant James Clarke on [17] February 1921. When the British authorities went ahead with the executions the IRA killed Mary Lindsay and James Clarke. The IRA also mounted a number of attacks in Cork city on the night of the executions killing 6 British soldiers and wounding a number of others. See also: 28 February 1921 Execution of 5 IRA prisoners; 28 February 1921 Killing of British soldiers in Montenotte; and [14] March 1921 Killing of Mary Lindsay and James Clarke.

28 January 1921

Brigades Involved:
1 Cork Brigade - 1 Southern Division

Units involved
A (Courtbrack), B (Blarney - partly illegible), C (Donoughmore), D (Rylane), E (Inniscarra or Berings), F (Grenagh) and G (Coachford) companies, 6 Battalion;