3 IRA members killed in bomb explosion in Cork City

3 IRA members were killed and a number injured in a bomb explosion on the corner of Princes Street, Cork on 23 November 1920. According to material on file A1_E_2 E Company, 2 Battalion, 1 Cork Brigade, 1 Southern Division, and other files in the MSPC the bomb was thrown at the IRA group by '…crown forces'. However, according to a witness statement in the Bureau of Military History from Michael V. O'Donoghue, the explosion may have been accidental and caused by a bomb in the possession of one of the victims - see BMH WS 1741 Michael V. O'Donoghue, Part 1 pp 80-81.

23 November 1920

Brigades Involved:
1 Cork Brigade - 1 Southern Division

Units involved
E Company, 2 Battalion;