Sean Lunny

Lunny, aged 26 was a carting contractor for Belleek Creamery, County Fermanagh and a member of 1 Northern Division, IRA when he was shot on 27 August 1922. Lunny died at Mullins, Ballyshannon, County Donegal on 16 November 1922. His home address was recorded as Mulleek, Garvery, Leggs, County Fermanagh.

His mother Mary lodged an unsuccessful claim.

Family Circumstances

In somewhat unusual circumstances for files in the Civil War fatalities, Lunny’s file contains a copy of a statement on file given by him on 25 September 1922. Lunny states that he was shot by Joseph Carty of the National Army in McHugh’s Public House, East End, Bundoran. Lunny stated that he was drinking in the pub with two others when Carty entered and insisted that he [Lunny] join him. It appears that Carty was of the belief that Lunny had spread rumours regarding the former going with a ‘protestant girl behind the back of his own girl’ and that he [Carty] had shot him deliberately. Mary Lunny’s application was unsuccessful as it was decided that the wounds which caused Sean’s death were not received during military service. It is alleged that Carty was court martialled and later joined the Civic Guards where he served in County Cork. 

It is noted that Lunny’s two unnamed sisters were members of Cumann na mBan and nursed John prior to his death and had died by 1932. In 1945 Lunny’s sister Rose successfully applied for a Service (1917-1921) Medal in respect of her brother.

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