Peter Treanor

Home address recorded as Killnaguillan, Emyvale, County Monaghan. Treanor, a Private in the National Army was killed along with James Doyle at Rockmarshall, County Louth on 4 November 1922. 

Francis Treanor (brother) was awarded an allowance of 16 shillings and 6 pence per week in respect of Ellen and Margaret Treanor, daughters of the deceased.
Peter’s mother, Bridget was awarded a gratuity of £50.

Family Circumstances

Treanor’s death left his three children (Mary Alice b. 1906; Ellen b.1907 and Margaret b. 1913) orphaned. A search for Treanor’s wife indicates that she (Margaret) died on 4 January 1921 in Monaghan County Infirmary. There is some controversy within the file concerning guardianship of the children, with their maternal aunt stating that London (home of their paternal uncle Francis) was no place for the girls. Although the reasoning is unclear the three girls eventually move to London. Francis was awarded an allowance for both Ellen and Margaret – Mary Alice being over the legal age for consideration. We know nothing of the girls’ life in London, apart from the fact that the dependants’ allowance was paid until 1931 in respect of Margaret.

Meanwhile the report from the Civic Guard relating to Bridget’s (Peter’s mother) application states that prior to his death Peter contributed 12 shillings per week – likely from his British Army pension. Two of her remaining children (Patrick and Mary) could not assist her financially. Patrick was believed to have been living in “some part” of Canada and Mary in the United States of America – address unknown. It appears from the report that Bridget’s only income was the 10 shillings her son Francis sent her per quarter (approx. £2 per year). Bridget had no private income, was “dependant on the charity of neighbours” and residing in a dilapidated house. Due to ill health, she was unable to cultivate the ¼ acre on which she lived.

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