Killing of 6 IRA officers and men in the vicinity of Ardnaglass Upper

During a general National Army round up in counties Leitrim and Sligo in September 1922 1 Sligo North IRA Brigade Headquarters at Rahelly, County Sligo was attacked and the IRA forced to retreat. 6 IRA officers and men were killed in the vicinity of Ardnaglass Upper near Mount Benbulbin, County Sligo on 20 September 1922 during this operation. Casualties included Brian MacNeill, Adjutant, 3 Western Division IRA, son of Eoin MacNeill T. D., Minister for Education and founder of the Irish Volunteers. It is alleged that at least some if not all of the IRA casualties were killed after having been taken prisoner.

18 - 20 September 1922

Brigades Involved:
1 Sligo Brigade North - 3 Western Division