Attack on Four Courts

The attack on the Four Courts is traditionally considered as the start of the Civil War in Ireland. The courts building was occupied since April 1922 by IRA forces opposed to the Anglo-Irish Treaty, led by Rory O'Connor. On 27 June, late in the night, the new National Army attacked the building to dislodge the rebels, on the orders of the Minister for Defence Richard Mulcahy, authorised by President of Dáil Éireann Arthur Griffith. The bombardment and the shelling was to continue for a number of days. By Friday the 30th June, a fire was raging out of control in the headquarters block that also housed the records office which was eventually destroyed in a huge explosion. On the same day, Ernie O'Malley surrendered the Four Courts to Brig. Gen. Paddy Daly of the Free State's Dublin Guard unit.

27/28 June 1922

Brigades Involved:
1 Dublin Brigade - 2 Eastern Division

Units involved
Dublin Brigade