Easter Rising 1916 Records And Documents

Records and documents relating to Easter Week, 1916 are contained in the Military Service Pensions Collection. They belong to the files series catalogued under Membership and Organisation (IRA Nominal Rolls, Cumann na mBan, Fianna Éireann, Brigade Activity Reports). The following files have content relating to Easter Week 1916 or contain individual documents relating to the Rising.

Irish Citizen Army, Member’s Card
List of ICA men complete with addresses, duration of service, Easter Rising Location
Black arm band with “C na mB” stitched, which subject claimed to have worn on the day of Terence McSweeney’s funeral. (MD8063 – Alice Burnes)

Fianna Eireann

Fianna Eireann General Headquarters – Cover letter to Secretary of Military Service Pension Board dated 10 April 1935 (FE/2)
1) Listing submitted by Kate Armstrong, former Branch President, Killeeneen Branch, Cumann na mBan, of some Cumann na mBan members active in County Galway during Easter Week 1916 (A/21/4/a)