News & Updates

Happy New Year from all the Military Archives staff!

While there are still important historical commemorations to be observed this year, for us, 2017 will also be about consolidating and upgrading our services and resources for the researching public, following all the work leading up to, during, and after, the opening of our new facility in 2016. We take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and the interest you have taken in our progress over the course of 2016.


Frequent visitors to our reading room will see that we have made good progress on some aspects of this upgrade already, with the inclusion of an internet resource in our consultation room (off the main reading room) where researchers can, free of charge, access:

and (the online archive for the Defence Forces magazine “An Cosantoir”).


We have also added a number of digital listings of our collections to other PCs in our consultation room, and we will be constantly adding to these resources throughout the year, while also still providing paper versions of these listings.


One particular resource, the Maps, Plans and Drawings collection (which can be found on our website) was expanded some time ago to include all available digitised versions of these drawings. This means that the number of maps and plans available to view has increased from the 700 images which were initially released, to 3945 images.

This is only a short note to start the year, but we will keep everyone up to date with all developments as the year progresses. In the meantime, we hope you all continue to have a safe and prosperous new year.