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Online release of the Irish Army Census 1922

Military Archives is pleased to announce the online release of the Irish Army Census Records of 1922.  

The Census collection consists of 10 volumes of Census Returns bound in leather and card and arranged alphabetically by post. In the past, access to the collection has been limited by their size and inaccessibility — unless a researcher knew what post a particular soldier served in there was no way to search the volumes without reading each individual entry.

This project is divided into three distinct phases.

Phase 1            Digitisation of Census Returns

Phase 2            Mapping of Posts

Phase 3            Searchable Index of the Census Returns


Phase 1 & 2 is completed and will be available to view from the 13-Nov-2012 on the Online Collections webpage.

Phase 3 will be completed in the near future and will be made available on the Online Collections webpage. Please consult the News & Events section for updates on this new collection.